Real-time Task Management promotes real-time status updates: simply drop a message in a chat window.

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Accurate Timesheets

Retrospective timesheets are highly inaccurate. Desktop tracking software is too intrusive. will proactively ask for updates and is convenient for micro task reporting.

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Interruption & Collaboration Management

It typically takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to work after an interruption. puts a chatbot in between to schedule all Q&A sessions/discussions to happen at specific time periods.

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Knowledge capture & retrieval provides an easily accessible, personalized search engine capable of indexing multiple external data sources. It provides centralized hosting of task notes/work logs for all work items and asks for reusable answers after Q&A sessions.

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Enter the Chat Bot!
Chase out the devil in the details

Let AI take over

Sort it all out

Identify bottlenecks & millions of micro-tasks that go unnoticed. Enable the decision management. Promote real-time status updates. Understand where the time is lost.

Ensure healthy collaboration

Manage the interruptions. Enable uninterrupted time for deep work. Calculate the cost of collaboration. Encourage people to ask without disturbing.

Enter the chat-bot.

Available on Skype & Slack

Leveraging the unique features of each. The other will follow!

Enable knowledge management

Capture the knowledge upon every step. Use a personalized knowledge base search engine, that gets smarter as people use it.

Keep all apps within reach

Integrates with JIRA, Google Drive and Office 365. Use the apps directly from the chat. The power of Spreadsheets available - easily export, update and import back all kinds of data gathered from the team.

How it works

An illustrative overview - the actual implementation will differ depending on the chat app used

TeamBot 09:11 am
Good morning, Jane! Welcome back!
Are you still working on
            signin form/

Yes No
Jane 09:11 am
no, signup form
TeamBot 09:11 am
OK, created new task and set it as the current work item:
            signup form/

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Organize work items

TeamBot let's you organize all your work items in a directory tree like hierarchy. Tasks (inc. projects, TO-DOs), ideas, risks, issues, decisions to be made, discussions - all are work items of specific types that can be nested under each other.

Expand in a breeze

Just drop the name of the new work item in the chat window. TeamBot will try to guess the best parent work item under which it belongs.

Record accurate timesheets

Time gets logged to whichever task you have set as your current work item. If you don't type anything, TeamBot will check once in a while whether you're still your working on it.

Jane 09:13 am
Note: Replacing alert function showAlertSimple() with showAlertFancy().
Jane 09:15 am
Note: Changing alert color, previous was #f00.

Capture work log

Attach notes to the tasks. The notes can be exported to Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint, updated and imported back. They are available for search.

Jane 09:15 am

Operate easily with smart menus

Conversational UI does not mean a return back to the command-line interface of the 1980s. Both Slack & Skype, as well as other chat clients support an increasingly rich set of UI controls. We'll utilize them all as they evolve. We'll do some machine learning to offer you the most likely button you need.

Jane 09:45 am
decision "full name or first name, last name" to be made by /mary
TeamBot 09:45 pm
New decision added, assigned to /mary and set as current work item:
            signup form/
                full name or first name last name/
Jane 09:55 am
Jane 10:30 am
create task ../username availability check
TeamBot 10:30 am
New task created and set as current work item:
            signup form/
                username availability check/

Enable micro-tasks & decision management

Easily attach TO-DOs, quick ideas and other micro-tasks as they appear. Leave the entry of details for later. Report dependencies on decisions to be made by someone else.

Jane 11:01 am
Alert me when Martin completes /jane/ form/username availability check/
TeamBot 11:01 am
New alert created.

Utilize natural language processing

State your intents in natural language for TeamBot to do it's best to interpret what you need. It will get better over time.

Jane 11:15 am
blocked by /jane/ form/username availability check/
TeamBot 11:15 am
Status of:
/jane/ form/username availability check/
changed to 'blocked' and pending upon the completion of:
            signup form/
                username availability check/

Promote real-time status updates

There is no need to open some app or spreadsheet to update the status of your current task. Just drop a message in the chat as soon as the work item is ready, gets blocked and unblocked, has estimate changes or other updates.

TeamBot 12:15 pm
Jane it's 12:15 pm. If you have a moment, the following help requests have gathered up:
/john asks: "Which is the best charting library?"
/mary asks: "Does the client of prefer dark or light website layout?"
/jack-sparrow asks: "Which is the best coffee place near the office?"
Jane 12:15 pm
TeamBot 12:15 pm
OK, I'll check back in 15 minutes.
30 min Hour Not today

Enable interruption management

Schedule the times when you will answer interruption requests and answer them all together in one session.

Jane 14:50 am
What should I work on next?
TeamBot 14:50 pm
/jane/jira/TIS-12: "Password reset e-mails are not sent"
High pr. | Waiting for Support
Take Open JIRA
/jane/jira/TIS-13: "Shopping cart is down"
Medium pr. | Open
Take Open JIRA
/jane/jira/TIS-13: "Typo on the welcome page"
Lowest pr. | Open
Take Open JIRA

Work with JIRA and other tools

Mount data from external tools and access them as regular work items.


  • Free
  • For personal use or pre-seed start-ups
  • FREE
  • Up to 1000 work items per user
  • A single team of up to 5 people
  • 1 GB of data storage
  • Request Beta Access
  • Standard
  • For business use
  • $6.25 / per active user, per month billed annually
    $7.50 billed monthly
  • Unlimited number of work items
  • Unlimited number of teams
  • 5 GB file storage per team member
  • Request Beta Access
  • On-Premises
  • For enterprise use
  • Pricing to be announced
  • Private cloud as an option
  • Request Beta Access

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